Property Investment Finance Expert Laedan New Zealand

Property Investment
Finance Expert

Navigating the ins and outs of property investment finance can be very challenging, and extremely time consuming.

Property Investment Finance Expert Laedan New Zealand

With over 30 years combined banking experience, Laedan’s team of experts can help you to secure the right investment property package for you, whether you are:

Property Investment Finance Expert Laedan New Zealand
Property Investment Finance Expert Laedan New Zealand
Property Investment Finance Expert Laedan New Zealand
Property Investment Finance Expert Laedan New Zealand

For First Time Property Investors

Buying a rental property is a great investment option for many reasons, including:​

  • Low volatility investment option

  • Capital Growth & Income potential

  • You are investing in a physical asset that will always be in demand.


For these reasons and more, investment properties are one of NZ’s most popular investment options.


Getting the best possible rates, and a loan structure that benefits you the most is even more important when purchasing investment property, as every 0.01% counts over the course of your investment.

Laedan’s team of advisers are all ex-bankers with over 30 years of combined experience. We know the ins-and-outs of the banking system and use this expertise to secure the best rates for your investment property purchase.

Property Investment Finance Expert Laedan New Zealand

Why Laedan

Property Investment Finance Expert Laedan New Zealand


Your dedicated property finance adviser will guide you through the entire funding process. 


Our team’s extensive networks and experience in the finance sector put us in a great position to secure rates significantly below market


All of our mortgage advisers have significant industry experience. We know what’s possible and will ensure the ROI on your investment property is maximised


Our fees are paid by the banks for making their lives easier

Property Investment Finance Expert Laedan New Zealand

Grow Your Portfolio

Every investment property you add to your portfolio means greater levels of complexity when it comes to finance. Even if you are only looking to assess your options, the level of paperwork and detail required by financiers can be overwhelming - especially with the service levels banks typically provide for retail investors of any scale.

At Laedan, we handle this process for you - spend your  time assessing your next property investment option, not dealing with the banks.

Our small team of dedicated advisers have over 30 years of combined banking experience - this means you will receive a personal service the banks can’t match, whilst leveraging the expertise and networks of our team.

It all starts with a phone call - get in touch with our team below to secure the best investment property rates and structure for you.

Property Investment Finance Expert Laedan New Zealand

Our Process.

Property Investment Finance Expert Laedan New Zealand




The first step is talking with our team of mortgage advisers. Our team are highly experienced, and can typically give you an outline of what is possible from a single conversation.



We work with you to collect all relevant information necessary to look at options with the banks. As information is collected, we leverage personal connections with multiple financiers to put together the best loan structure for you.



Based on our understanding of your requirements, we will carefully select appropriate investment property llenders (bank or non-bank as required) to submit your application to. 



We will negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best rates and desired structure, ultimately securing approval for the home loan.




We will oversee the financiers onboarding process for you (if required), and answer any questions your lawyer may have with respect to the loan documentation/structure



We will monitor and manage your loans going forward - particularly relevant for investment property finance where multiple fixed interest rate loans are common.

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Property Investment Finance Expert Laedan New Zealand

We are there to hold your hand throughout the whole process and into the future to ensure your loan terms and rates remain competitive throughout the life of your loans.

Bianca - Mortgage Adviser for Laedan

Property Investment Finance Expert Laedan New Zealand

Common Questions on
Property Investment Finance

Can I get 100% financing on an investment property?

Yes this is possible, but typically you are going to need to secure the loan you borrow for the investment property purchase with another form of equity. The most common 100% financed investment property purchases come from those who are mortgage-free on their owner-occupied home and are able to use this equity for an investment property loan. However it is also possible to achieve 100% financing with a guarantee from a third party, which is secured by a property with sufficient equity. This is, of course, a much more complicated finance structure.

What is the current interest rate for investment property?

A good source for looking at interest rates in general is - however the rates provided here are only indicative retail rates which may or may not apply for your investment property purchase / portfolio.

If you’d like to get a better assessment of the market interest rates are for investment properties, feel free to give our team a call to talk through what rates similar investors to you are achieving.

How much deposit is required for an investment property?

The deposit required for an investment property in NZ has been a moving metric of the past few years since the Reserve Bank introduced Loan-to-Value Ratio restrictions. For investment properties, the deposit required has floated between 30% - 40% of the investment properties value (i.e. for purchasing a $1,000,000 property, you would need at least $300,000 - $400,000 in deposit).

Remember - deposit doesn’t necessarily mean cash. This can also be comprised of equity in other properties you own, or equity in guarantor’s property as well. This of course can make securing finance more complicated - but that is exactly what advisers like Laedan are here to help with!

How do I buy an investment property in NZ?

If you aren’t able to purchase an investment property outright (like 99% of people!), you will likely need to look at financing options.

The first step here is going to be finding out how much you can borrow which depends on a myriad of factors, including (but not limited to):

  • Your household income

  • Your household expenses

  • Your cash deposit available

  • Equity available in property you own, based on acceptable valuations

  • The valuation and potential rental income of the house you are purchasing


The way these factors work together to determine how much you can borrow is quite complicated and can change from bank to bank, financier to financier. For this reason, we recommend getting in touch with a adviser like Laedan who can talk you through how each financier may look at your borrowing potential based on your personal situation.