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Home loans for business owners

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Mortgage advisors for Business Owners

Here at Laedan the majority of our advisors are business owners and we understand first-hand the frustrations of seeking a loan from a bank when your primary income is generated by your own business.


The intricacies of a business’ structure and financial performance a lot of the time will not fit the cookie cutter approach applied by banks and other lending institutions. A lot of other mortgage brokers will shy away from opportunities which involve self-employed income as these situations are perceived as more difficult and less likely to be successful in raising the required loan.


Our advisors are passionate about fighting for fellow business owners and utilising our extensive banking networks and business banking knowledge & experience to get the best outcomes for our clients.

Mortgage advisors for Business Owners

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Mortgage advisors for Business Owners
Mortgage advisors for Business Owners

Why Laedan

We have access to a full range of bank and non-bank funders to suit every situation. We leave no stone unturned in getting our clients what they need.

With Laedan, you are kept up to date throughout the entire process, so you know what is happening as the application progresses without the need to answer unnecessary questions

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Our Process.

Mortgage advisors for Business Owners

We will have an in-depth discussion with you to understand your financial situation and what you are trying to achieve. Following this discussion we will provide immediate feedback on what is likely to be possible and take this opportunity to collect the necessary information from you;


We will provide our expert advice as to how best to structure your loans and who is likely to be your best funding (which bank or non-bank) partner;


We will then approach financiers and submit your application for funding;


We will negotiate on your behalf to obtain the desired structure (including paying your loans down faster) and best rates and ultimately obtain an approval of funding;


We will oversee the banks onboarding process for you and answer any questions your lawyer may have with respect to the loan documentation and/or loan structure;


We will monitor and manage your loans going forward so we continue to help you manage your loans better. We are there to hold your hand throughout the whole process and into the future to ensure your loan terms and rates remain competitive throughout the life of your loans.